Hello again.

Here we are in week three, and we are settling on how we are going to acquire our staircase to nowhere, for the scene where Joseph runs to the office, and again to the roof to surrender to C’Thulhu.  We came up with a few options, but we settled on building since it was the most economical, and also the best way to ensure we could get exactly what we wanted.

We spoke with our lead designer, Ehab, and mapped out the specifications he would like to have.  We are going to paint it green, so that it’s easier for him to model it with the rest of the office, in terms of lighting and having it match more closely.  We also want to build a rail to give the effect of a building from the late 1800s.  We will be adding wheels to the bottom so that it’s mobile and that we can use it for both scenes.

To build this staircase we have enlisted the help of a handyman-friend who has offered to build it at no charge.  We are going to purchase the materials this weekend to begin construction shortly after.

I’ll post some pictures when I get the chance!

Until next time,