Alright we picked our actor!!!!
After seeing many amazing actors we choose Mathew Willems from the Acting Program at VFS. He managed to look more scared then i think I have ever looked in my entire life. There are no actual speaking lines in our film so Matt had to be able to show emotion in both his face and body.

The character in Dagon is a man who was a Merchant Marine during WW1, his cargo boat has been taken over by Germans. After barely escaping the Germans he flees to a life boat, where he drifts with the current for days on end. Finally he wakes up to a strange new world that he doesn’t recognize at all, surrounded by unknown creatures. Here he is forced to sit and wait for almost a week while the ground dries enough for him to walk on. By this time he is going to look very haggard so its going to take alot of work from our make-up department. Christa Monroe is going to be doing our make-up and we are very excited to have her on board! I have heard that she is the “beard expert” and she has been working on haggard looking beards all week. So stay tuned for some pics from our make-up test coming this week.

Matt also has a awesome natural beard already!