As a visual artist, one has to always keep in mind the historical background a story has so a certain degree of realism could be achieved.

In the case of “Rats in the Walls”, a major element that drives the plot is actually the cell where the main character is imprisoned. But how does it’s inside look like? What are the padded walls? What shadows do the windows and the bars cast on the padded floor? An art director has to ask those type of questions constantly: by being true to the actual locations, you are being faithful to the original story. The unique pictures taken of the actual place Delapore supposed to have been taken to could definitely enhance the project and satisfy the most pedant of HP Lovecraft’s fans.

Hanwell Lunatic Asylum, XIXth century (from the Illustrated London News, 1848)

Architectonical plans of the Asylum, XIX century.

St. Bernard’s Mental Hospital, early 20’s aerial shot.

Male Wing – Supervisory Hub and Ventilation Tower from North. Recent photography.