Passion, humility, and kindness are characteristics that I see in my actors. I appreciate them for their talent, time, and commitment to aiding us in the production of this film. We had an amazing turnout for the auditions ad we appreciate everyone who auditioned for the parts of Alex and Eric.

Please allow me to introduce:

Lucas De Beer is a VFS Student in his final term of the acting program and is excited to be a part of this unique project. He enjoys acting as it allows him to be someone else for a brief moment and it has always been a dream of his to be an actor. Lucas is looking forward to acting with CG and the visual effects that Zann offers.

Lucas De Beer

Paul Toolan is an accomplished actor and has starred in numerous plays which have all been sponsored by The United Players and The Jericho Arts Centre. He enjoys acting, because it is like playing a game, and it gives him a natural high. Paul is excited to play the role of Eric Zann, because he finds Zann’s psyche both intriguing and mysterious.