This could not have been a better week. Besides the back, the forth and the in between that we have been experiencing with finding our Eric Zann, it’s looking real good. We have established a connection with a prop house that will provide 95% of the props and costumes required for the shoot. Like always, we have had a minor challenge. Although we are students, essentially with no money and a tiny budget, the prop house still requires that we adhere to the their policies and guidelines regarding renting props.

This means that they require MONEY, Money, and money for a deposit. Now, just to put this into perspective, the deposit that the prop house requires, outweighs the entire combined budget of all five films being made. So, I approached the Program Manger of the department to explain our predicament and requested that a standing account be established for the EBM program. This would ensure that any other productions facilitated by EBM students would be able to secure props in the future with minimal difficulty.

First, I was advised to speak to the Head of Film Production, who then advised me to speak to another department. This department asked specific questions, and then directed me to someone else. Finally, I spoke to the Director of Accounting, who was able to assist in establishing such an account. This was an amazing process, because it was an example of how things sometimes get done in business. I was happy  when the Director of Accounting assisted, because we became one step closer to acquiring the essentials needed for our production.

We have our deposit, and will hopefully have our props and costumes by the end of the week. Progress, persistence and patience, really go a long way. Also, I am delighted to report  that YES… OUR Eric Zann has been found! FINALLY!

In a meeting