First, let me say that make-up can be a loooong, grueling process. I am happy that I was not the one in the chair. Today, we did a make up test for Eric Zann’s transformation. This process, not including minor mistakes, can take anywhere from 2 1/2 hours – 3 hours. Our test was 2 1/2 hours long.

Our wonderful makeup artist, Jon Berezan, did an amazing job. First, he started by shaving Paul’s moustache and applying a solution that would prevent any irritation or chafing. He then applied a gelatin based prosthesis to Paul’s face.  This was a timely process, as he had to slowly blend the product to the contours and shape of his face,  to create a natural and realistic appearance. Jon was very good at explaining each of the processes to the actor, which created a comfortable and trusting experience for Paul.

Then Jon was about to add a prosthetic chin, but opted to use Paul’s natural shape as it was more suitable and natural for the character’s appearance. He went on to blend colors to add facial tone to the prosthesis. Jon’s attention to detail was very effective in ensuring that the additional pieces to Paul’s face looked natural and created a horrific appearance for Eric Zann’s dead character. The removal of the make up took an hour long.

Watch the makeup test time-lapse video