As many of you now, all projects need a little bit of energy, a little bit of documentation and a little bit of research. C’Thulhu was no exception…

In order for us to make the proper and right Call, we had to spend lots of hours researching about it. Our team help us and with the collaboration of them we could finish sooner. And of course, with such an amazing team, one can’t think of anything going bad right?

Well, as we discovered later on our mayor text a.k.a “The Script”; we would need a lot of things to create the perfect Call. So I started a list of the props we would requiere and if it’s not a really big list, the challenge consist on making them look old from the 1920’s.

Having this on mind the next step is to look for a place that can supply the list, preferably with a good price. Here, my negotiation skills will come in handy. So I will be looking for that and secure them as soon as possible; while my team works on the creation of the ambient to Call C’Thulhu.

Remember to keep coming back, so you can stay updated and ready to call the Old One!!

Sandra RG