Hey, my name is Myles Messinetti I am from Tampa Bay, Florida. I am now getting into my third term at The Vancouver Film School, our hub project  this term is something called Project Space Squid. We are turning H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous stories into an interactive short story. The project is bringing students and alumni from almost every department in the school and having them collaborate. This is one of the first times this is being done, so its super exciting. We are turning the story, Dagon, into a interactive short story incorporated with a video game. Justin Norton and I are going to be the producers, so far the rest of the  team is, for Motion Design for the film: Jadyn Aguilar & Jeanette Seah, Interaction design: Emily Smith, Developer: Matt Viklund, Writer: Steve Toms, and Make-Up: Christa Monroe.

We had our first brainsrotming meeting Monday and everyone had some great ideas. After seeing how excited everyone is to work on this project and  hearing all the amazing  idea’s, I was assured that it’s  going to turn out really, really cool. Check out all the fun we had!

Keep your eye out for upcoming posts with story boards, wireframes,scripts etc.