What does it feel like when you are going insane?

What if you are the sane one, but everyone around you is barking mad?

What if you just can’t tell which one of the above is true anymore?

These are some of the questions that came up in our latest brainstorming session, and while we are reasonably certain that our mental facilities are still quite intact, the above questions compelled us to venture into some unexpected territories. What if, through the interactive narrative, we can let the user experience the short story as if they are the main character, who is slowly becoming a madman? Creative juices started flowing right away as we realized that, if “going insane” is the feeling we want, we can build an experience where confounding and even frustrating the user are part of the narrative. We started a basic wireframe structure, in which we will plunge the user into a confusing, nightmarish scenario, where they navigate different parts of the mansion with increasing degrees of mental/physical decay. The events they encounter will have a degree of randomness, so that each time will be a slightly different experience.

We are all positively giddy with delight over this concept, especially with the prospect of doing some really spooky things to “mess with” the user. Who knew that “going mad” can be so much fun!