Here we are, one week before shooting and I’m starting to feel all the rush and emotion prior to it. The energy running through my veins, the excitement of producing this project, the happiness of collaborating with very talented and eager team members… If at this point you’re not sure what I’m talking about, allow me to give you the short version before continuing.

On latest April our HoD Jessica Clark-Bojin told us that  we were going to Produce the “Space Squid Project”, based on the work of H.P Lovecraft.  I, along with Patsy Tomkins, are producing “The Call of C’Thulhu” and right now we’re getting ready for shooting on June 3rd.

So basically what happened this week was a combination of good and bad news; which lead us to make quick but assertive decisions. On the bad side, I’m sad to announce that due to personal reasons, out lead actor Russell Willer had to move back to his home city. As we’re working on a really tight schedule, we don’t have time to organize a casting call. So, we decided to go with our instinct and the obvious alternative, Brennan J. MacGregor.

But on the bright side, our Digital Team came up with really good ideas for the interactive part; which were accepted yesterday (Wednesday May 26th) by the Senior Producers. We also had a morning meeting with the Cinematographer, Director and our Lead Designer to discuss the best way to shoot the scenes. We’re meeting tomorrow with the Digital Designers to decide the final details for the interactive part and plan our next week agenda.

As I write this, the adrenaline is accelerating my heart, the nervousness is grasping my body, it feels like if I was the one Calling C’Thulhu, but I know I might remain calm, after all I’m a Producer. I can pull this baby off! I have entire trust on my team that we can deliver not only a good interactive piece, but also a film that will satisfy the fans of Lovecraft and C’Thulhu.

It’s time for me to end this entry, re-try my call and leave to secure the props. I have my list, I checked it twice so I won’t forget anything. Don’t go too far away, because soon you will be making “The Call”.