Well well well, the day has finally come! We are shooting the Call of C’Thulhu!

The morning of the shoot, I woke up with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face, I went and cranked up the volume on my Glee soundtrack as I danced away the last hour of prep time before shooting.

I packed up more than 10 of my reusable bags full to the brim, and loaded them into Mike’s car and traveled the one block down the street to the set.  But I gotta say…It seemed much longer than that when we had to push the staircase there the day before…

Once we got there, we unloaded all the bags, and started setting everything up.  Sandra and I introduced ourselves to the crew and made sure they ate some breakfast before starting the day.
We then set up Carla Guwick, our make-up artist in the dressing room and got her started on her father Ron and Brennan’s makeup.  She had to create a cut on Ron’s wrists, and she worked her magic and made him look dead. Excellent work Carla!

Once Ron was ready to go, we started rolling.  For this project, we got to shoot on a RED cam, which was an exhilarating opportunity for us, working with such a high quality piece of technology that not many students get the chance to use.  To operate the RED came we sought out the help of Randy Che, he was assisted by VFS alumni Thanh Doan.

To help with the lighting of the set, we worked with a pro gaffer, Josh Alkoff, and our classmate Myles Messinetti came and assisted him in the afternoon and in tearing everything down.

We also had assistance from Taavo Ruberg, our sound mixer and boom op and Digital Design grad Sam Green who took pictures throughout the day for us (and for this blog! Thanks Sam!).

And finally our director and assistant, Michael Chase and film production student (and soon to be graduate) Hillary Hodges. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michael before, but not on a project of this caliber and I was excited for the chance to get to work with him again.  He asked for not only our input, but that of our designers throughout the day, in an effort to make sure that we got all of the shots that we needed for our film and for our interactive piece.

The first few shots of the day were around the professor’s office so Sandra and I did the set decorating while also sitting back and trying to take in as much as we possibly could.   Being able to work with such a strong and dedicated team was a pleasure, we were able to ask a lot of questions and learn along the way, finding out why lights have to be placed a certain way, why we use a clapper, and also the importance of a sound-proof building…We will be spending some time in the studio doing some ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)  in the near future.

Before breaking for lunch, we filmed the most trying scene of the film, where Brennan must simulate running through the professor’s house by running on a green treadmill.  We rented the treadmill from Hollynorth in Burnaby who gave us a discounted student rate for the 3 days we needed it for, saving us a lot of money!  -  Thanks again Hollynorth!

Once we shot the first scene, we realized we should lay down some crash pads for Brennan on the ground in case he slipped and fell.  We borrowed some cushions from the couches in the studio and solved our little issue.  That in fact, is my favourite part of being a producer.  I love having a challenge put in front of me, and trying to find the most creative, economical and intelligent solution to that problem and saving the day (for lack of a better term).

As the day went on, I was feeling more and more confident about the over all look and feel of the film.  I was so relieved to have my team of designers, Amanda Healey, Nick Lenko, Nida Khan and Ehab Kamal on set with us all day, they were able to give Michael their input when we weren’t able to solve the problems, and they brought up a lot of very interesting points throughout the day.  They also spent the day taking pictures as well, giving us lots to work with and a great collection of keepsakes to remember this memorable day.  Thanks once again you guys, I could not ask for a better team to work with.

So that about wraps it up for this edition of my blog, but before you go, have a look at our team picture. (and I gotta say, we are one good lookin’ bunch!)

- see you next time!