Well, it has been 2 weeks since “The Music of Eric Zann” was wrapped, and all I keep thinking is, I definitely want to do this again.

Classes have resumed, assignments are due, overdue, and we have meetings. Tons of meetings. So far, we have met with the creative digital design guys numerous times and have come to the conclusion that we may be in trouble. Despite being behind in our interactive progress, we have managed to regroup, recommit, and think outside of the box.

I’m so proud of my guys. They have managed to design an application that both, Ben and I, feel will captivate, intrigue, and excite users. We have been developing and finalizing the budget. We FINALLY acquired an editor who is willing to edit our film for FREE (Thank you Spencer Copeland!).

We have also managed to secure Jesse Hill, a member of the VFS Alumni. He will be assisting us with the sound design. This week we need to finalize our Post FX Team. “The Music of Eric Zann” wouldn’t be great without a fantastic Music Composer. So, we are still on the hunt for one.

We are at the halfway point. A meeting was scheduled for all 5 films and their digital design teams. During this meeting, each team was required to provide a project overview of what we have accomplished and given a rundown on what to expect in post, and  the distribution and marketing strategies we will be considering for use.  We were all excited to hear feedback from Executive Producer, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin.

It was such a relief to receive positive reactions and feedback for “The Music of Eric Zann”. The film seems to be exceeding all of the expectations that the people involved in Project Space Squid had for it. It is definitely one of HP Lovecraft’s least known stories, but it’s safe to say that our film will put it on the map and possibly revive/restore Lovecraft’s reputation for creating frightening and riveting stories.

Fortunately, we are once again donating all of the proceeds from this project to a charity – Wikimedia. This is definitely another asset that this project has.

As we are embarking on a week off from classes, you can be sure that “even in the quietest moments” we will still be working hard to ensure that “The Music of Eric Zann” takes it’s place on Lovecraft’ follower’s bookshelves (and iPAD’s) very soon.