Hey everyone and welcome back,

On day one of Project Space Squid, we decided we should build the staircase needed for our film, instead of trying to source one.  However, in retrospect… it may have been easier to do find one!

We started by calling around and finding out the prices for lumber and other supplies, and what the costs of labour were like and it would have required more than our entire budget!  Then we started looking at a plan B…Luckily enough, we had a handyman friend who had some spare time and was willing to do it all for free!

We sent him out to Windsor Plywood, who offered us a preferred student rate, since this was a school project, and we are very thankful for that!  They pre-cut all of the materials for us and were a great help in planning out how to build the staircase.

With no other location to build at, we decided to set up in my apartment.  We measured the doors to the apartment and to the elevator to make sure we could get it out of here and then we got started!

With a minor slip up, of our builder making two right sides (hehe), we were on our way.

He installed the castors this morning, and putting the final touches on the stairs themselves, so we will be moving it out this afternoon to paint it at school.

The only downside to this, is that my cats have grown quite attached and are disappointed to see the staircase go!

Well, that’s all for now, onto the next task.  See you next time!