Hello again all,

With the shoot fast approaching, we were gathering all of our props for the shoot, with only a small amount of money left in our budget, we couldn’t afford to rent any more props so we thought we could try and get creative.

We  had rented 20 books for the shoot to fill the table, the desk and the bookcase, we got them at a student rate at the Vancouver Prop and Costumer House, so a big thank you to them.  

With only a few days left before the shoot, we spoke with our lead designer Ehab, and he asked us if we were able to get even more books for the set.  We had already picked all our props up and had no way of getting back to Burnaby, so we thought we could ask our friends and see what they could find, but we only got 5 more “old” books.

It was around that time that we realized that while we were looking for old books, when we should have been looking for new books!  Though books in the 1920s had a distinct style, we thought that we could try and simulate that by taking the slip covers off some of our personal hardcover books.   After taking the covers off of my constantly-growing personal collection, we had another 26 books to bring to the set and we were on our way to having a full bookcase.

After scouring the apartment for more books, I stumbled onto a chest that my grandfather had given me as a child, and one I had gotten as a Christmas gift a few years back from a cousin.  After packing those into one of my many reusable bags, I found a candelabra I bought a while back, and it reminded me of gothic times so I packed it up as well.  I went around the rest of my apartment gathering candles, rocks and coffee cups and rounded out my bag.

We rented all of the furniture from the VPC as well, as well as a lamp, so the extra props rounded out the set quite nicely.

The day of the shoot Sandra and I were in charge of setting up and taking down the set, re-arranging the props wherever they needed to be and also photographing everything so we could re-create it later on.

I really enjoyed decorating the set and trying to create a vision of what I thought the professor’s office might look like, it gave me a chance to explore something that I haven’t really gotten the chance to before and I loved it.  It gave me a better understanding of what’s visually appealing on screen and from different perspectives.

Well, that’s it for this post, check back soon ya’ll!