I’m less than 20 hours to start one of the most important days at VFS and of my Hub Project.

As I find myself preparing to make the “Call”, a lot of things have happened today. I thought that the day before shooting it would be busy, but not as busy as it has been. Still, I’m very optimistic about our film. I can’t wait to be on set and keep materializing a project that with no doubt would please Lovecraft Fans and would make C’Thulhu proud.

Nervous? Yes but my excitement overpass the feeling, it won’t be “Shooting Day” it also means “Opportunity” for me to shine in what I know I can do = Produce. To see something come to life and know that I was part of it, that my effort made possible for all the team to be here.

At this point…I’m ready: TO CALL C’THULHU!