We’ve run over our to-do list over and over again. Yet it feels like something is missing.

We spent most of Thursday finalizing that list again and getting all of the odds and ends tied up. First, we started out by subjecting our sheet music to a rigorous “aging process” (endless soaking sessions in tea, coffee, and Coke), then we planned and organized our craft services – breakfast and lunch are gonna be delicious!

It’s now 9:30, Friday morning. Everything is, as good as done. While organizing the props, we realized that we don’t have a pen (our most useful and important prop) and it seems that no one else does either. Now, I’m not talking about a regular pen either. We needed a calligraphy pen from the 1930’s ~ stylish, sheik, and impossible to find. We ended up at an upscale pen store (conveniently located next to the umbrella store) where these types of pens range from $50 – $1500. I don’t think so. The lovely lady suggested we go to an Antique store on Homer St. $20 later, we had our prop.

The Ben Pen

Ben and I are both confident that we have everything we need for our shoot to be a success. On the surface, we appear as confident and calm producers, but beneath the surface, it has finally sunk in that the shoot is actually going to happen. Today.