There are 4 phases that need to be completed to finish your product -  pre-production, production, post-production,  and distribution. I am proud to say that our pre-production and production phases have been completed successfully. We now need to keep working to complete the remaining tasks.

First of all, we needed to do a rough cut and a Visual FX break down. This helped us analyze the scope, determine which human resources were required, set the budget, and estimate the time it would take to complete the project.

Spencer Copeland, Benjamín Morales

When we started working on the rough cut, we aimed to work for no more than an hour. We then realized that we have more than 100GB of footage! A lot of  our planned shots from the storyboard were also changed during the shoot. In the end, it took  approximately 4 hours to finish the draft sequence. Spencer Copeland, our editor, spent almost 5 more hours working on rough cuts with 3 different endings.

So far we have received feedback from some of the instructors and students. Everything looks really good and everybody wants to see the completed final piece.

"The Music of Erich Zann" rough cut

This project has given me a big panorama view of how amazing it is to produce movies. The satisfaction of knowing that everything is working and everybody is happy with the progress, makes me feel more committed to finishing this project with the best industry quality possible. I believe that this would be the best way to thank everybody for their time and talent.