As any ritual or process to summit either a force, a god or any other upper creature, you need a list of different ingredients and steps to follow. C’Thulhu was no different, but there was an exception, the ritual was in a language no one of my team knew how to pronounce.

After a few days of researching and intense reading we finally found an “interpreter”, his name Nuno Soler. We send him right away our report on everything we knew about C’Thulhu. It took him a couple of days to translate the ritual. He send it back, I knew in that instant while I was reading it, that it wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought. Here is what the letter Nuno send with the script about his feelings when translating:

“When an opportunity to adapt one of the most beloved works of H.P.Lovecraft, Call of C’thulhu, into a short script came I didn’t see it has another assignment. It was a must for me. Lovecraft has been in my life for so many years that I could say he’s a personal mentor of mine, an instructor on writing effective horror and the difficult simplicity of portraying human fear. Call of C’thulhu is embedded in the collective mind of generations, a powerful character that is any writers dream. The possibility to work with different creative partners, and other departments at VFS was a very stimulating thought and without a doubt the foundation for this collaborative project.

Nuno Soler

Reading the Ritual