After we had the “Ritual” (a.k.a Script) in our hands, we had to make a really detailed list of the things need it to call C’Thulhu. We started with the most important ones: The Location and the Servants (that would play Joseph and the Professor roles). We though those ones would be the hardest ones to get. How wrong we were.

the books for the ritual "disappeared"?

Fact is, we had to create a 1920’s atmosphere. We basically have to look for the right furniture, clothes and items so we could be loyal to our Ritual. I found that apparently there was a place specialized on those kind of items and other things, so it was my turn to check them out and sort my list.

It took me 30 minutes to find the place and other 40 looking into the different aisles and floors. From ceiling to floor, this place had everything I could imagine. I spent a good amount of time looking for the right lamp, bookshelf, desk, knife, mirror and books, but oddly enough I couldn’t find the proper table or candles, don’t get me wrong, I saw many candles but C’Thulhu required a special size and wax.

Not C'Thulhu candles...

So I secured what I could and came back home, another research had to be done: Found the place to obtain the right candles and type of table, how harder could be? After all I had most of the things. But apparently it wouldn’t be that easy, since every Ritual has a catch. Our was: tight schedule with a low budget.

Imagination and creativity were need it for those items missing and after a couple of phone calls with some contacts, several visits to a place that sells everything for 4 coins of ¢25 and we were settled…or so we thought.

Matter of fact, a few days before of shooting we were told we also need a green treadmill and a 2K Magic Gadget. Good think I like do research. This time it was easier than the other props, it only took 1 hour, 2 phone calls and 3 e-mails, we got our hands on a cool and effective treadmill.

path to C'Thulhu

Finally after a wild ride getting and sourcing all of the things necessary for the call, we had a small chance to pause, breath and get prepared for the Call; after all he was waiting for us.