This was the moment – the day of the “money shot”. Jon Berezen did an incredible and amazing job on the makeup for the character, Eric (played by Paul Toolan). We were all fascinated and in awe of the key reveal of Eric Zann. We also spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the music sheets to fly smoothly and in the right direction. Thank God for ADR/Sound.

A lot of attention was paid to the reverse shots in order to effectively capture the reactions of both actors. I owe a special thanks to Michael Frazer for coming out an lending his expertise to Zann. The amazing up close insert shot of the violin being played was a result of his amazing violin playing ability. After the shot was completed, both Ben and I thanked the cast and crew personally for all of their work with hugs and delicious cheese cake.

There were so many moments worth describing here, but I’d be writing for a very long time and you’d be stuck reading for a long time as well. The funniest moment was when Director, Michael Chase, jumped into the scene and acted like a 17 year old, while declaring that Zann was officially wrapped (I guess you had to be there, but it might be included in outtakes?).

After the shoot, Ben and I were interviewed on camera. At the request of Jessica, Head of EBM, we were asked a series of questions and grilled on our thoughts, the process we undertook, and our expectations. Naturally we were camera shy, which may be why we are great producers (and not actors).

Zann's crew