So Term 3 came and went so fast that I cannot believe that is actually half of my year at VFS.  I still have more things and stories to share about the Project Space Squid, but today I’ll just write about the meeting we had.

It was 4.30 p.m, and our Head of Department Jessica (fearless and assertive  leader I should say) started welcoming our guests. We were gathered to see a sneak preview of the behind the scenes material, the rough cut of the 5 films and know more about their respect interactive parts. I still have goosebumps every time I see my film projected on a screen…even if it’s still on green screen and is the rough cut.

We then, proceeded to know more about where and how we’re going to market and I’m more than excited with the Strategy, that I will maintain secret for the benefit of this post. But, what I can say now is that you would be hearing about Space Squid project everywhere!!!!

We’re partnered with Wikimedia and everything we’re making would be for charity; which I found completely wonderful. Is the third time I’m in a charity project and I love it. Knowing that I can help others by doing what I like is something that it might seem easy, but not everybody is up for the challenge. It requires a commitment to work day and night, to look for your team, to deliver something with quality that would inspire others…it requires love for the art and I have all that.

After we saw the 5 projects and we know where we are at and what is going to be the challenge in Post, Jessica made the conclusion for the day and Term 3 was officially closed. Now, I’m preparing for some days of “break”, which would be more to recharge batteries, review our “to-do-lists” and come back ready than ever to take C’Thulhu up to the Awards shows!!!

I will be much detailed for the next entry, I just didn’t want to gave away all our strategy and make this entry really long.

PS. Of course, a meeting it’s not a meeting if we didn’t have yummy snacks!

Meeting snacks Cupcakes