Truth is why should I? He didn’t know who I was and to be honest with you,  I didn’t know too much about him either…

Patsy and I looking the footage

After been writing for a while about the Project “Space Squid” and “The Call of C’Thulhu”; which is the interactive film I’m working on, based on the work of H.P Lovecraft, I realized that actually I haven’t really explained why on the first place I was Calling him.

When we started working on this project, there were so many stories of Lovecraft that appealed to me, unfortunately I had to choose only 3. It was then when C’Thulhu started to call my name. I start to research everything I could about him, places, dates, text, etc. I read all information I could get my hands into and the more time I spent looking for him, the more and more he was getting closer to me. The fear of his coming, the anxiety of his call, fueled my body. I was lost into his story, into his cult.

The day when I received the notification that I was in charge of Producing The Call of C’Thulhu, gave me mixed emotions. For one side I was happy to get to produce the story I loved the most, I like it the way that H.P Lovecraft transmitted destruction through words, how he played with the fear and the mind of the people just by reading his stories. I definitely wanted to be part of that and be capable of doing it…but on the other hand it was C’Thulhu, the most popular and know character of Lovecraft. I was not only in charge to produce something different (an interactive piece for tablet devices) but also I need to reach and please the many fans of Cthulhu and Lovecraft: A challenging job.

So, there’s my answer to the question of this post: Because I have the opportunity to work on a challenging and new project and do my best to satisfy Cthulhu fans and share with new people the amazing work of H.P Lovecraft…and I’m up for the challenge, giving my 110% and always, always doing the best to have a worthy Final Master Piece.

A preview oth the film on the Hal-Way Meeting at VFS-EBM Campus