It’s been 2 months now since we made the Call and shoot our film.  I thought that once the project reached the Post Production stage everything will be easier… oh boy, I was so wrong!

Apparently, leading with Old Ancient Ones can be really tricky….as also working with a not well lighted green screen. The problem was that our green screen looked more like a dark background. Our Lead Motion Designer started having problems while trying to replace the green for the actual background, the software didn’t identify it as a green screen so it was hard.

Is too dark for being a green screen

The clothes of Joseph disappear on the background

We had to bring at least 2 more people to help him keying and rotoscoping the background. We thought we were now save…how wrong we were.

The clothes our actor was wearing got mixed with the “green” screen while keying so in the first rough cut “Joseph” disappears in different parts throughout the movie. The scene with the vomit was also a problem, as our make up fake vomit was dark green… you guessed right, it gets blended with the background, so we had to re-shoot this particular scene with the help of 3D students as volunteers. Also, some scenes, like the ones with the mask we used to show the weird things on the professor office had to be eliminates as they were really lost with the background

they get really camouflaged by the dark green background

The vomit is lost in here

Finally, after being really frustrated with all the problems, the awesome help we had from the 3D program, the ability of our Motion Designer and the many hours they spent working hard, we have now a fine piece worth of C’Thulhu.

Working hard on the replacement of the green screen

Without the green screen...first attempt for background

Soon, you would be seeing the finish result of this journey, that has literally being a roller coaster of emotions…but I wouldn’t have it any other way, after all… I’m the Producer, this is my job, this is what I do, THIS is what I love!