If you happen to be on the EBM floor the other day you may have noticed the fowl stench of dead fish! This is because in order to make our sea monster look and feel as real as possible we decided to take numerous different types of fish and sew them all together.
The lovely Pink fish head you see above is a cat fish, those cool looking legs are prawns and of coarse it wouldn’t be a sea monster with out greasy squid tentacles.
The only down side to making this awesome monster is that all of our hands cloths and basically the entire floor smelled like the beach at low tide.
In our film the sea monster creeps up behind our main character out of a giant abyss. So in order to make the movement as creepy as possible we put our frankenstein fish in a tank and brought him back to life.
In conclusion nothing looks better then the real thing but only at the cost of stinking for days on end, this was a price we where willing to take.