Hello, it seems like it has been a while since my last post, so what perfect time to do a blog right before post production wraps up. The whole experience has been really educating for me, it feels like I learned a lot. From how to deal with people in this industry to all the complexity’s that goes into producing  a film and an interactive piece. We have faced several challenges including: our creature problem, were the monster was left unanimated, not textured and in other words not usable for our film. As we were running out of time my fellow producer and I made the decision to use a vortex. The original script described the monster as 10 story tall, invisible force, in my opinion the vortex goes well with our story and duologue. We had personnel that were dedicated drop out of the project, so they had to be immediately replaced. I believe this is all a part of learning is concurring these challenges, I could only imagine how much more is on the line during the “real world” projects!!