Well since my last blog post of a similar title has been getting so much “buzz” around the EBM campus I thought it was only appropriate to bring it back for my last post.
That’s right after four months or hard work, red bull and not sleeping, Project Space Squid is coming to a close. On Tuesday we had our wrap party where we premiered all of the projects. I must say that it was really cool to see everyone’s finished product on the big screen with an actual sound system. Everyone really did an amazing job and I really can’t believe how well everything turned out. I would like to thank all of Team Dagon and anyone else who helped us along the way, the project would have never turned out so cool if it wasn’t for each and every one of you guys!

Here is Justin and I giving our amazingly cheesy but still awesome speech, as well as a EBM10 Group shot!

Dagon along with three others are going to be featured at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival on October 1st-3rd. Here are a few screen shots from the film. So get excited and wish us luck hopefully we all win something!