The Interactive Lovecraft (aka Project Space Squid)
Vancouver Film School’s Transmedia Magazine – Volume 1

This transmedia magazine series is all about shining a new digital light on public domain content – both to provide great interactive entertainment and get new audiences excited about classic content.

We are huge supporters of open source content and the potential we have as society to build on the work of others when we’re open with our ideas. That’s why all proceeds of this magazine’s sale in digital marketplaces go to support the Wikimedia Foundation.

Supporting a great cause isn’t the only reason this project is special. It’s also an incredible showcase of all of VFS’s educational disciplines in one convergent property: motion and graphic design, classical and 3D animation, filmmaking, visual effects, game design, sound design, makeup, acting, writing, producing, and marketing.

We believe that when we look beyond the formats and industry sectors in the entertainment realm, we have the opportunity to get to the real heart of stories, characters, and their worlds, and produce compelling transmedia content that’s more than the sum of its parts… And with so much great literature in the public domain, there’s ample room for exploration.
We hope you enjoy what these VFS students have created. If you like what you see/hear/play, please tell your friends. Want to know more about this project and others produced by the Entertainment Business Management program at Vancouver Film School? Visit us at!
Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

Executive Producer & Head of Department

Entertainment Business Management at Vancouver Film School