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Production day1:more picture for the day

The first day was really hard and busy day,but we still had a lot of fun during the day.


The most cool picture I never had.


Lunch time!!! Ian eat his lunch

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Casting for Delapore

On tuesday,we did our second round of  casting. This time we foucused on the role of Delapore.This is a really important role in the film.
So,we need looking for a person qualified for this role. Eric floyd,the man came in to the EBM campus for casting this role.
He is a good actor.Although,I think he did a lot of crazy action.After screen test, We decided he will be play the role.

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Location list!!!!

Hello, my name is Mike, I’m in team rats, and this weekend I’m working on scouting shooting locations. We may not shoot on location, but we will still keep it on the list. To find a location for film is important. Also, to find a 1920’s old stone building is really hard in BC, but I will try my best.
Some possible location:
Name:St.Andrew’s Wesley Church (1931-1933)
Location:1012 Nelson Street, Vancouver

Name:Seaforth Armory(1910)
Location:1650 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Name:Fantasy Garden World (not sure,to be sold)
Location:10800 No. 5 Road, Richmond

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