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Holy Moly Team Dagon Is Still the Coolest!

Well since my last blog post of a similar title has been getting so much “buzz” around the EBM campus I thought it was only appropriate to bring it back for my last post.
That’s right after four months or hard work, red bull and not sleeping, Project Space Squid is coming to a close. On Tuesday we had our wrap [...]

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Whats That Smell? Team Dagon?

If you happen to be on the EBM floor the other day you may have noticed the fowl stench of dead fish! This is because in order to make our sea monster look and feel as real as possible we decided to take numerous different types of fish and sew them all together.
The lovely Pink fish head you see above [...]

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The Haggard Man

Here is our actor Matt Willems before he was turned into the ” Haggard Man”.
Notice that amazing beard, yes its real!

Spray Tan! We needed Matt to look like he was stranded out in the middle of the ocean for a week, and after a couple layers he looked nice and sun burnt.

Christa Monroe, our make-up artist did an [...]

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Casting Call

Alright we picked our actor!!!!
After seeing many amazing actors we choose Mathew Willems from the Acting Program at VFS. He managed to look more scared then i think I have ever looked in my entire life. There are no actual speaking lines in our film so Matt had to be able to show emotion in both his face and body.
The [...]

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Holy Moly Team Dagon is The Coolest

Whoa, we had our first pitch with the HOD’s on Monday! They seemed to like the way we were going,  but suggested we tap into our dark side.
These are the three styles that we pitched for the film portion of the story, we are trying to keep the tone very dark, have high contrast colors,and the main character interacting with a [...]

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Team Dagon

Hey, my name is Myles Messinetti I am from Tampa Bay, Florida. I am now getting into my third term at The Vancouver Film School, our hub project  this term is something called Project Space Squid. We are turning H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous stories into an interactive short story. The project is bringing students and alumni from almost every department in the school and having [...]

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