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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye…

Rats, cannibals, dismembered arms and overflowing human organs. Oddly, I’m not referring to a regular Saturday night at Hannibal Lectors. Over the last four months, while many enjoyed the sunny weather, the warm beaches and the amazing summer festivals, students and alumni from across 9 different disciplines at VFS came together to bring to life the twisted genius of H.P [...]

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Production Day 2: A Photo Essay In Two Parts (Now with Extra Haikus)

It appears the minimal word route seemed to have been a successful method in portraying the excitement of our first day of production. The pictures posted hopefully gave you a good idea not only of how lively June 8th was but also what our little film is going to look like. This time, as I walk you through Production Day [...]

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Production Day 1: A Photo Essay in two parts

I’m sure by now you’ve established that I tend to be fairly wordy when I write these blog entries. On numerous occasions I’ve tried to keep the word count to a minimum, but it hasn’t met with much success. Thus, when it came time to talk about June 8th and 9th, the shooting days for The Rats in the Walls, [...]

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Mouth Guards and Leg Restraints, Aisle 3
Personal Shopping

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but finding a straightjackets isn’t as easy as purchasing a pair of skinny jeans or Crocs. Shocking, I know. Despite all the questionable fashion choices available to us, you can’t just walk into your neighbourhood Gap and ask for a white number with leather straps in a medium. I haven’t checked Old Navy, but [...]

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Rejection: The Final Frontier
Pitching the night away

As the weeks pass by like tumble weeds in the mid-west, the production of our little film petered on its way facing the ups and downs with the courage of a tin soldier. We’ve cast the majority of actors, have our location to shoot and storyboards should be making their special appearance any time now. However, the film is only [...]

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White face, black face, red face, no face
Using Bristol board to brighten the lit space

Remember that time your friends took you to a dark room, painted your face black and white and asked you not to move so they could take pictures? No? Because, oddly enough, I do. It actually occurred on Wednesday afternoon between the hours of 5 and 6pm.  Perhaps, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me jump back to the beginning.

Much [...]

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And then there were rats…

It was your typical Wednesday afternoon. The monotony of the work week had reached its epitome much quicker than usual. This was likely because of the mounds of school work that I knew still awaited me. As I sat in Classroom 2 finishing a marketing plan and reveling in the upcoming Easter long weekend, Entertainment Business Management department head Jessica [...]

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