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You win some, you lose some, but you make it in the end.

Well well well…
After 4 months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and more than a few trips to Memphis Blues BBQ to celebrate, I’m so very proud to announce that Project Space Squid — Now titled Compendium Vol. 1 — has officially come to a close.  It still shocks me to think that it’s all over and done with, and [...]

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“Alright, that was good, but I need you to sound like you’re being eaten alive”

Hello hello and welcome back !
As we delved further into term 4, we were winding down with the visuals and were able to start focusing on getting our ADR down and our soundtrack finished up!

On the suggestion of our interaction designer, Nick Lenko, we got the help of the very talented, Ben Ozga, a VFS Sound Design graduate, and brother [...]

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I’m baaaack… with keys!

After a very extended leave of absence from my blog, I’m back in business!
So here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to:
At the end of Term 3, we started planning the VFS Impact Awards, our group pitched a Copacabana theme.  We are now in the process of executing it, I’m handling Food, Decor and Logistics with my classmate [...]

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Cooking for 20…or 40?

We settled on a half a pound and bought 10 pounds of ground beef… big mistake!

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Prop shopping on a low-budget, what better place to start than home?

Hello again all,
With the shoot fast approaching, we were gathering all of our props for the shoot, with only a small amount of money left in our budget, we couldn’t afford to rent any more props so we thought we could try and get creative.
We  had rented 20 books for the shoot to fill the table, the desk and the [...]

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Call of C’Thulhu Shoot Day!

Well well well, the day has finally come! We are shooting the Call of C’Thulhu!
The morning of the shoot, I woke up with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face, I went and cranked up the volume on my Glee soundtrack as I danced away the last hour of prep time before shooting.

I packed up more [...]

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Brennan saves the day.

Welcome back everyone,
Two weeks ago, we got the unfortunate news that our lead actor, Russell Willer, has taken ill and is moving home to seek treatment.  We were shocked and saddened by this news, Russell is a very talented young actor, who we were thrilled to have the chance to work with.  We wish him a speedy recovery and hope [...]

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He climbs to the roof to see C’Thulhu.. But how will he get there?

Hey everyone and welcome back,
On day one of Project Space Squid, we decided we should build the staircase needed for our film, instead of trying to source one.  However, in retrospect… it may have been easier to do find one!
We started by calling around and finding out the prices for lumber and other supplies, and what the costs of labour [...]

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Recap on Meeting # 3

Hello again,
I am happy to report that yesterday afternoon, our team had a very successful meeting in which we were able to better define our interactive concept for the project!
Though we haven’t defined every specific element yet, we are moving forward with our concept and are getting ready to pitch on Tuesday afternoon!
Wish us luck

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Building a staircase to no where.

Hello again.
Here we are in week three, and we are settling on how we are going to acquire our staircase to nowhere, for the scene where Joseph runs to the office, and again to the roof to surrender to C’Thulhu.  We came up with a few options, but we settled on building since it was the most economical, and also [...]

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