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I am your servant, I am your servant great C’Thulhu

On Tuesday September 14th around 7 p.m., I became a servant of the Old One the Great C’Thulhu. As many of you know our Project Space Squid was to produce a short film with an interactive part based on the stories of the great mind of H.P Lovecraft and as you guessed, I was producing along with Patsy Tomkins, “The [...]

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Holy Moly Team Dagon Is Still the Coolest!

Well since my last blog post of a similar title has been getting so much “buzz” around the EBM campus I thought it was only appropriate to bring it back for my last post.
That’s right after four months or hard work, red bull and not sleeping, Project Space Squid is coming to a close. On Tuesday we had our wrap [...]

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Wrapping It Up… It ain’t over though!

Four months and counting ….
Benjamin and I are satisfied by the completion of “The Music of Erich Zann”.
This was the first project facilitated by us wet-nosed producers, and I must say,   we loved every moment of it. From late night phone calls to “it’s pizza time”, we successfully managed to produce a visually appealing short, chilling film and interactive [...]

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You win some, you lose some, but you make it in the end.

Well well well…
After 4 months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and more than a few trips to Memphis Blues BBQ to celebrate, I’m so very proud to announce that Project Space Squid — Now titled Compendium Vol. 1 — has officially come to a close.  It still shocks me to think that it’s all over and done with, and [...]

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Whats That Smell? Team Dagon?

If you happen to be on the EBM floor the other day you may have noticed the fowl stench of dead fish! This is because in order to make our sea monster look and feel as real as possible we decided to take numerous different types of fish and sew them all together.
The lovely Pink fish head you see above [...]

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“Alright, that was good, but I need you to sound like you’re being eaten alive”

Hello hello and welcome back !
As we delved further into term 4, we were winding down with the visuals and were able to start focusing on getting our ADR down and our soundtrack finished up!

On the suggestion of our interaction designer, Nick Lenko, we got the help of the very talented, Ben Ozga, a VFS Sound Design graduate, and brother [...]

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Calling C’Thulhu…not an easy task!
Without the green screen...first attempt for background

It’s been 2 months now since we made the Call and shoot our film.  I thought that once the project reached the Post Production stage everything will be easier… oh boy, I was so wrong!
Apparently, leading with Old Ancient Ones can be really tricky….as also working with a not well lighted green screen. The problem was that our green screen [...]

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I’m baaaack… with keys!

After a very extended leave of absence from my blog, I’m back in business!
So here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to:
At the end of Term 3, we started planning the VFS Impact Awards, our group pitched a Copacabana theme.  We are now in the process of executing it, I’m handling Food, Decor and Logistics with my classmate [...]

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Why should I call C’Thulhu?

Truth is why should I? He didn’t know who I was and to be honest with you,  I didn’t know too much about him either…

After been writing for a while about the Project “Space Squid” and “The Call of C’Thulhu”; which is the interactive film I’m working on, based on the work of H.P Lovecraft, I realized that actually I [...]

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Benjamin and I had the sincere privilege of speaking with the very modest, kind, and talented Raymond Corbett. Raymond is a very seasoned Visual effects specialist with over 15 years of experience working with 3D, animation, compositing, and keying.
The most recent work that he has done was  the lead CG on the film “Invictus”, starring Matt Damon,  Morgan Freeman, and [...]

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