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Even in the Quietest Moments …

Well, it has been 2 weeks since “The Music of Eric Zann” was wrapped, and all I keep thinking is, I definitely want to do this again.
Classes have resumed, assignments are due, overdue, and we have meetings. Tons of meetings. So far, we have met with the creative digital design guys numerous times and have come [...]

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The character of Erich Zann is coming to life…

There are 4 phases that need to be completed to finish your product -  pre-production, production, post-production,  and distribution. I am proud to say that our pre-production and production phases have been completed successfully. We now need to keep working to complete the remaining tasks.
First of all, we needed to do a [...]

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Half way to go!

So, there’s been so much talk about the movie but what about the iPad application? Well, I haven’t forgotten about it. Wednesday June 23th was the end of the term and we had an presentation where the five teams demonstrated their progress so far. We are excited about the reactions we received from the audience [...]

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Your call is really Important for us…

So Term 3 came and went so fast that I cannot believe that is actually half of my year at VFS.  I still have more things and stories to share about the Project Space Squid, but today I’ll just write about the meeting we had.
It was 4.30 p.m, and our Head of Department Jessica (fearless and assertive  leader I [...]

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Pawn the Replay…

The days are winding down and so is the money …yet, it feels like there is still so much to do. Our 3D guys are having difficulty with finalizing and committing to the green screen flooring. They have to create a floor, which will be time consuming. We have since decided that throwing a rug down would eliminate the tedious [...]

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Dunwich Horror Producer: Ivan Maltsev [Post#4]

Just when I thought we had time to relax, I got introduced to the lengthy and complicated post production process.  Currently my partner and I are working on finding an editor, compositor, composer, and someone to work on our post fx. We are going on summer  break next week so right now it’s crunch time. I’m still very excited to have the [...]

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Pre-production & storyboards!

We have been working for 4 weeks to get everything prepared for our shoot day. It looks like this is never going to end! Seriously, it has been a big challenge to find the best props/costumes to satisfy the look and feel of our movie and to accomplish all the requirements for our director, Michael Chase.
My experience with the pre-production [...]

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Who are those crazy people?
Looking good Matt! Wait.. What's that smell..?

What would you think if you were enjoying a nice stroll along the walkway next to the beach and came across two guys vigorously rubbing articles of clothing across the rocks, sand, and water? Yup, you would think they were a bunch of crazy people having a curiously good time! This time though, it wasn’t; which is very rare for [...]

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Things for the Ritual
Old books predicting C'Thulhu coming back

After we had the “Ritual” (a.k.a Script) in our hands, we had to make a really detailed list of the things need it to call C’Thulhu. We started with the most important ones: The Location and the Servants (that would play Joseph and the Professor roles). We though those ones would be the hardest ones to get. How wrong we [...]

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The Haggard Man

Here is our actor Matt Willems before he was turned into the ” Haggard Man”.
Notice that amazing beard, yes its real!

Spray Tan! We needed Matt to look like he was stranded out in the middle of the ocean for a week, and after a couple layers he looked nice and sun burnt.

Christa Monroe, our make-up artist did an [...]

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